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Translating Results into Legal Expert Witness Reports

A lot goes on when translating results into legal expert reports that can be admitted in court. You need to find a skilled provider that supplies reports in thousands per year to be assured of reliable result interpretation. A Witness Report made by an expert ensures that the evidence produced in court is objective and professional.

You need to indicate on the request form the kind of report you need, whether for a civil court or family court so as to assist in checking reports to determine whether it should meet: 

The Family Procedure Regulations by the Justice Ministry Part 25 Assessors and Expert and Directions of Practice 25A Assessors and Experts
The Civil Procedure Regulations by the Justice Ministry Part 35 Directions of Practice 35 Assessors and Experts

The Forensic Expert’s Duties

Forensic experts are eligible for employment in many types of institutions. They could be in academic institutions, local, state or federal laboratories to help in testing solutions. The forensic experts may be required to act as expert witnesses or as consultants, to give expert advice or information regarding technical and scientific issues. The court may appoint or subpoena forensic experts to work with the jury or judge in civil or criminal cases, to assist needy defendants in criminal cases, or to give a third party opinion regarding evidence and information that has been previously evaluated by the defense and prosecution experts.

Expert witnesses need legal lessons to be better prepped for cases, for whatever reason or by whatever method they have been summoned to testify. They need to look for technical information on that case and test the available evidence. The process of evidence testing is one that needs must be at par with standard laboratory procedures and protocols. They need to be followed in an orderly, logical and step-by-step manner in order to get the test results as well as information and facts which are the bases of the conclusions made.

After the expert witnesses have collected the needed information, they need to develop the found information into valuable reports which should be written in pure English, indicate that scientific methods have been used and have valid records. Expert witnesses should work closely with the courts or advocates who have requested them in order to center on the fundamental issues regarding the case in question and also assist each other in interpretation of the legal and technical terms used including declined personal data.

Expert witnesses look more professional when testifying if they are organized and well prepped. They also perform well in the critical (at times laborious) pretrial process of discovery that is handled by the opposing advocates to help them understand the basic facts regarding the disputed issue. Discovery process involves giving the opposing advocates the information they have requested which may give them the grounds for their case. It is driven by deadlines that are imposed by procedural rules or by the court.

Some Tips for Court Testimonies

Expert witnesses have to convince the jury or judge of the truthfulness and soundness of the testimony they give. They need to have five very important characteristics, which are:


They need to show that they are at par with current issues, they must have command regarding the matter at hand in your area, and that they have enough knowledge regarding the Federal Evidence Regulations and any jurisdictional or state laws that are significant to that case. They should have knowledge of demonstrative evidence (something that can prove a certain point even if it was not found at the scene of crime) among other related factors.


 They must have arranged their references and major sources of evidence such that they can easily find them when they are needed. They should update their reports and must show the results of repeated testing, additional testing of the evidence previously found and testing of the currently produced evidence.


Expert witnesses need to be intelligent and fast when answering questions. Their credibility is judged by the way they respond to questions. They must note the unlawful evidence appearance that is denied by proposal in limine (proposal made before trial that disapproves the use of evidence in trial due to certain constitutional, irrelevancy or prejudicial reasons) such as patent infringement cases.


 Expert witnesses must not look annoyed or combative when being questioned, especially when they are being cross-examined i.e. being questioned by the opposing advocate.


 They have to be conversant with the ethical principles of conduct.  They need not be lured to give false testimony. Their testimonies must be objective; they must not show advocacy.

Expert witnesses can at times find testifying intimidating. However, with the advice and legal procedure roadmap that "Law 101" training offers, testifying may be made easier.



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