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Reading is one of the hobbies that has been getting weaker among British people - and way many other people around the world -, replaced by other sorts of entertaiment and information channles such as television and the Internet. Quite many adults sigh and look back at those times when reading was a thing, something really fun and engaging to do. They would lie belly down on the floor as kids, turning page after page of entertaining adventures and tales. Now, their own kids would rather play with smartphones their very parents have given them, instead of giving books a chance.

Those who really love reading are aware of what those kids - and the rest of the people eager to pick up a book - are missing. Reading is an adventure, at the very least. Stories of fiction, when they are well written, can transport us far away from our homes, to enchanted realms or thrilling scenarios. They can capture us with intense mysteries, compelling characters, touching emotions and lots and lots of fun. Read More...


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Language Library is really one of the best online translation language Websites, and I’m very impressed with the excellent resources and online that they use to provide better in-sights on the particular language!
By By Caitlin Perry

I had a French Patent translationed last year, quality was outstanding, work was done in 2 days!
By Sofia Mundet

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